【PC Financial Card Activation】- Activate PC Credit Card | Master Card

Have you been approved to Activate PC Credit Card | Master Card?

President’s Choice Financial is the financial service brand of the Canadian supermarket chain Loblaw Companies. It is committed to bringing unprecedented value to its customers. This financial institution or bank provides various banking products along with rewards programs for activating PC credit card like Travel Rewards, Premium Rewards, rewards cards, pay bills online, etc., You need to activate your new master card or new credit card before you can use it. We have written a complete guide to activate Activate PC Credit Card | Master Card.

Activate the President’s Choice Card with an easy and quick process. You can activate your new credit card and new MasterCard by following the simple steps. You can activate Activate PC Financial Card over a phone call or Through online.

Activate PC Financial Card at online.pcmastercard.ca

President’s Choice offers many different cards for their customers. Their offerings include Travel Rewards, Premium Rewards, rewards cards, and many more with a customized design.

Activating your new credit card or debit card at President’s Choice needs some Documents details like:

  • Received Card number
  • Banking ID for verification Purpose
  • Passcode or PIN (Provided by Bank)
  • Personal identity (For Verification Purpose).


Below we have provided you the 2 customized way to activate PC Credit Card | Master Card. You can choose the best method to activate your card in an easy and simple way.

Activating Card Over the Phone | Activating Card Over Online

Activate PC Financial card over Phone

You can Activate President’s Choice Financial card Over Phone. This activation process is very easy to activate your new credit card and new master card over a phone call. You can Simply call PC toll free helpline number for assistance. They will help you for activation of your new financial card over a phone call.

  • You can easily activate PC Financial Card over the phone by dialing to a toll-free number given below.
  • You will connect to a concerned executive who will ask you questions about your card needs and document details.
  • They will help you with PC Financial Card activation if you are willing to activate via Phone call.
  • Even if you have any queries You need to Call the PC Financial Card customer service, Numbers are provided below.            

             President’s Choice card service: 1-866-246-7262

             President’s Choice Customer service: (888) 495-5111

  • You need to provide the card details to the representative for Activation of PC Financial Card.

Activate PC Financial Card Over Online

The PC MasterCard activation will give benefits through online banking account like car rental insurance, roadside assistance, account management of your bank account. The Activation PC Financial Card Over Online is an easy and quick process. The PC financial online banking needs to activate the PC Financial MasterCard and gives more PC Points. Simply follow the below steps to Activate your new financial card online.

  • Firstly You need to visit the official site here: online.pcmastercard.ca
  • Once you’ve opened the website, you will see a prompt which asks you to enter your online banking User ID and password.
  •  If you’re not currently Registered as a PC online banking, you can register now. Be sure to take advantage of all the great benefits as soon as you register.
  • Now you can simply sign in using your Online Banking ID and Passcode, then you will need to enter your card’s 15-digit number, SSN, Date of birth and 4-digit CVV number to complete your card activation process fast.

Any Queries?

It will be really helpful to log in for Activate PC Financial Card. As it was an easy process for you to Activate New Financial card from here, you can activate any gift card, bank credit or debit/credit cards, Travelcards at our activate your card online.