Are you been here to Activate your Walmart Money Card Activation?

Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation which is offering a wide range of product line at very reasonable costs. You need to activate your Walmart card before you use it. We have written a complete guide to Walmart Money Card Activation.

Walmart Money Card Activation is an easy and quick process. You can activate your new Walmart Money Card by following the simple steps below. You can activate the Activate Walmart Card or You can activate Through online.

Activate Walmart Money Card At wallethub.com

Walmart Money Card Activation offers many different cards for their existing customers with many discounts. Their offerings also include Travel Rewards, Cashback, rewards cards, and many more with a customized design for there customers. To activate the  Walmart Money Card the cardholders must provide the three-digit CVV security code, the last four digits of social security number (SSN), cardholders name & card PIN for the Secure credit card activation process.

Activating your new credit card or debit card at Walmart Money needs some Documents details like :

  • Received Card number
  • Banking ID for verification Purpose
  • Passcode (Provided by Bank)
  • Personal identity (For Verification Purpose).


Walmart Money Card Activation Over the Phone. This Money card activation process is very easy and simple. To activate your new Money card can be approved over a phone call is very simple. You can Simply call Walmart Money Card service toll free helpline number which helps your assistance. They will help you for activation of your new Walmart Money Card over a phone call.

Customers should obey to the Electronic Communications Agreement & Cardholder Agreement and read out more about the MoneyCard prepaid debit card at privacy policy. There is no bank account is needed to activate your Walmart MoneyCard.

Activating Over the Phone | Activating Over Online

Activate Walmart Money card over Phone

  • You can easily activate Walmart Money Card over the phone by dialing to a toll-free number given below.
  • You will connect to a concerned executive who will ask you questions about your card needs and document details.
  • They will help you in Walmart Money Card activation if you are willing to activate via Phone call.
  • Even if you have any queries You need to Call the Walmart Money Card customer service, Numbers are provided below.

             Walmart Money Card service: 1-877-937-4098

             Walmart Customer service: 1-888-826-4374

  • You need to provide the card details to the representative for Walmart Money Card representative.

Activate Walmart Money Card Over Online

The Activation Walmart Money Card Over Online is an easy and quick process. Simply follow the below steps to Activate your new financial card online.

  • Firstly, you need to visit the site here: www.walmartmoneycard.com
  • Once you’ve opened the website, you will see a prompt which asks you to enter your online banking User ID and password.
  • If you’re not registered with Walmart Money Card online banking then enroll and continue the process.
  • If you have the user id and log in, direct login into the dashboard and try to activate using the “Manage Card Services” Option.
  • Then Choose ” Sears One Card ” whether it is Debit or Credit, You will need to enter the 15-digit number and 4-digit Card ID to complete your card activation process fast and easily.

Any Queries?

Walmart MoneyCard will give free online banking services for the Cardholder like reload & send money, cash back rewards, transactions with a monthly fee for the customers. The cardholders can direct deposit amount to the Walmart MoneyCard & get cash back for the transactions of the bill payment of the secured credit cards.

I hope It will be really helpful to log in to Activate Walmart Money Card. Now you are able to Activate new money card from our guide provided above, you can activate bank credit or debit and credit cards at our activate your card online.